About the Journal

The ICEETE Conference Series on Economy, Education, Technology, and Environment serves as a platform for scholarly publishing in various fields of study. This publication is dedicated to advancing knowledge and exchanging ideas related to the areas of economy, education, technology, and environment.

Being a prominent venue for academic research in these domains, the publication conference series attracts researchers, educators, professionals, and policymakers from around the world. Its main objective is to disseminate high-quality, original research papers, articles, and case studies that contribute to the understanding and development of the aforementioned fields.

The publication covers a wide range of topics such as economic theories, business management, educational practices, technological advancements, environmental sustainability, and more. It provides a comprehensive perspective on current issues and developments in these areas, offering valuable insights and facilitating further exploration.

With a rigorous peer-review process, the conference series ensures the quality and credibility of the published work. Scholars and experts in the respective fields evaluate and provide feedback on the submitted manuscripts, guaranteeing the accuracy, validity, and significance of the research findings.

By providing a platform for researchers to share their work, the journal conference series fosters collaboration and encourages interdisciplinary research. It also serves as a valuable resource for academics, professionals, and policymakers who are seeking innovative ideas and evidence-based solutions to address challenges in the economy, education, technology, and environment sectors.

In summary, the ICEETE Conference Series on Economy, Education, Technology, and Environment plays a pivotal role as a platform for scholarly publication, promoting the dissemination of knowledge, fostering collaboration, and facilitating advancements in these crucial fields.